Photographers do not get as much recognition when they are of a young age. Although some do fit the stereotypical, "just because you have a camera doesn't make you a photographer" type, some are very talented. Feel free to submit your own pictures, comment on others and ask about digital and film photography.  Camera/s snapping
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lymarietp: awesome pictures <3 love them all! inspiring! what camera you have?

Thank you, and Canon A1, EOS 650 and a minolta xgm, i use all of them so there’s a mix of what camera i use for each pictures! 

By Millie Clinton: 

Those who do photography at A level can’t use a camera, understand the functions or know any techniques, yet can use the photoshop programme inside out. I am disgusted.

By Bobbi Nunes: 




By Bobbi Nunes: 

Hey! Listen!

My name is Chris, I’m from north New Jersey. I’m always looking for models for sets. I usually don’t charge for anything I do in the area. All I ask is for transportation cost if I have to go into the city, or make a long drive.

I do this because I love it, not because I want to make money. I want to show people what it is that I see when I look through my view finder.

So any models in my area if you need someone to do a shoot with, and get a fresh perspective, message me.

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